1: How do I get started?

Check out what materials you have and use one of the links provided for a template. TIGHTLY WOVEN COTTON is prefered. In upcoming days we will be adding an instructional video from our friends at Custom Covers and Canvas with a template for the type of mask that allows additional filtration to be added.

In the meantime here are some links:




2: Should these masks be sanitized?

Yes, if possible pre-wash on high and dry at a temp of above 120* before cutting and assembling the masks. Then, go ahead and assemble them. After collection, we will be taking all masks through another stage of washing and drying at above 120*. We know this can’t guarantee sanitization, but we want to minimize contamination as much as possible.

3: N95 masks have filtration and these are just cloth. Are they useful?

Yes, N95 masks are a much higher standard of filtration. We are not trying to replicate fully functioning PPE’s, but we are attempting to extend the lifespan of certified N95’s, supplement minimal inventory, or at the very least provide additional tiers of protection. Most of the templates you see provide a built in envelope or pocket. This pocket provides a space for additional filtration material to be added or taken away. Filtration materials discussed have been coffee filters with citric acid, HEPA approved vacuum cleaner bags, HEPA approved air filters. It is at the discretion of the medical staff to add/ remove these filtration options. 

4: I have finished making masks, now what?

Once you have made as many masks as you can, please contact us at www.buffaloresilience.com and we will direct you to your nearest drop off location. We will not be meeting face to face, social distancing is vital. Place your masks inside a large sealed Ziplock bag if possible, or something similar. I would like to ask that every individual place some contact info including their Facebook, email or whatever contact info you are comfortable giving so we can continue the cycle.

5: Will the hospital take these handmade masks?

Under normal circumstances no, but these are not normal circumstances. Front line hospital staff are in desperate need for protection and these masks provide additional protection. Our network has direc t contact to doctors and medical staff within some of the largest hospitals in the Buffalo area and we guarantee that your hard work will get into the right hands.

6: Can this get bigger?

Yes, our goal is to work with Custom Covers and Canvas to produce ‘Kits’. These kits will have a pre-washed, pre-cut template of material. Once received, you will simply follow the instructions to assemble and construct as many masks as you can. In addition to materials, the kit will also supply donation bags for you to store masks safely. If you do not have sewing materials let us know, we will supply these materials with your kits. While we do not have these kits available at this time, we are working with suppliers to build them. Stick with us, as a community we will get there.

If you have any more questions that are not answered on the page, please reach out to me directly.


Note: Please refrain from making unnecessary trips to procure any materials for these masks. Use whatever materials you have on hard. We are working on providing materials at a later stage but for now please do not leave your home for this project.