Assembly Instructions


Buffalo Resilience N600 Mask Assembly Instructions

 Please Note: All masks should be sterilized after donation  



• Medical grade fabric (Halyard H600) supplied by Buffalo Resilience. Cut 2 pieces 7” x 8” (mask body) - KIDS MASK SIZES 5.5" x 6.5" 

• For the nose piece 2 inch flat metal section to be placed at the center point and     stitched 1/2 inch at either side. 

• Binding material heat cut to 15” long for ties. 



1. The blue side will be the outer side of the mask and the white side the inside of the mask. The 7-inch sides will be the width across the top and the bottom of the mask. The 8-inch sides will be pleated. Three pleats will make the final mask 4 inches deep. 

2. Layer the 2 pieces of 7 x 8 inch fabric on top of each other with pleat lines on the inside. Sew a 1/4-inch inch seam on the 7-inch sides. Turn the mask right side out. Finger press and clip, topstitch 1/4 inch from both edges on the sides you just clipped. 

3. Insert the prepared wire into the 1/4-inch seam on one of the sides you top stitched. Center the wire. Or insert the 2 in flat section and sew 1/2 inch either side to keep centered. This is now the TOP of the mask. 

4. Using the printed lines, fold pleats and pin. Adjust the pleats accordingly. The pleats do not have to be perfect as long as the mask is 4 inches wide. This is VERY important because if the mask is too short, it won’t go under the chin in some cases, and if the mask is too long, it could leave too much of a gap on the side of the face. Do not change the number of pleats as the bottom pleat is especially important to the curvature of the mask under the chin. 

5. Sew the pleats down by sewing 1/4-inch seam. Repeat on the other side. When finished, the pleats will all be going down.

6. Using the heat cut binding material, fold and sew each tie into place, one on each corner of the mask. 

Instructional Video

 - A step by step guide -